Compare the Northland to the rest of the world with the following sites:

Compare the state of Minnesota with the other 49 states within categories such as gross domestic product, general sales tax rates, and population estimates. There are 49 data sets from which to choose.

Minnesota Compass – Northeast Region
Minnesota Compass is a social indicators project which measures progress in the state, seven regions, 87 counties, and larger cities including Duluth. It also shows data for the Iron Range trade region.

Minnesota Compass – Duluth Neighborhoods

Minnesota Compass – Iron Range

Cluster Mapping – Duluth MN-Superior WI MSA
This is a regional dashboard providing data on the economic performance, cluster composition, and sub-regional composition of the Duluth-Superior MSA.

Bureau of Economic Activity
The U.S. Department of Commerce researches and provides data and statistics that are easy to print, save, or export. The BEA updates GDP and Personal Income data for this region.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
The U.S. Department of Labor is responsible for measuring labor market activity, working conditions, and price changes in the economy. It retains past data for comparisons over time.

American Fact Finder
The U.S. Census Bureau uses the American Fact Finder to access data taken from several censuses and surveys. AFF provides population estimates, the American Community Survey, the American Housing Survey, economic surveys, and censuses of governments.